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Greg's Engine & Machine

Engine Warranty Information

Our remanufactured engines are warranted against defective parts or workmanship performed by Greg's Engine & Machine for a period of 2 years or 24,000 miles. This is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards or failures, see limitations below.


This is not a warranty against all the many things that can go wrong with your engine. Many failures are not the fault of the remanufacturer and could not have been controlled by Greg's Engine & Machine. The following is a brief list of some failures not covered by your engine warranty:

  1. Failure of parts not installed or supplied by Greg's Engine & Machine. A long block or short block assembly requires the use of the original or replacement pan, manifolds and covers, along with the original or replacement water and fuel pumps, distributor and carb or fuel injection. Many fuel, oil or water leaks may be the result of these parts or their installations. Please note that reuse of the oil pan and oil pickup tube will require professional cleaning before assembly. We will clean these items for you at no charge.

  2. Damage caused by overheating or lack of lubrication are considered abuse. All vehicles should be equipped with gauges or lights to indicate engine temperature and oil pressure. These critical engine functions can be properly monitored, and should never result in engine damage.

  3. Broken pistons, scored piston rings and cylinders, blown head gaskets, cracked heads or blocks as a result of detonation or preignition. Many of today's engines vital functions such as air/fuel mixture, ignition timing, coolant temperature, and even idle settings are controlled by the operating computer. It is the installing mechanics responsibility to verify that the computer is operating properly and that all aspects of the engine controls are operating correctly. It should be noted that today's engines are very complex. At Greg's Engine & Machine we insist that any work performed on the engine including installation be done by trained professionals. Greg's Engine & Machine cannot be responsible for damage to the engine caused by improper installation or initial startup.
  • Note: Remember there is a reason you are replacing or remanufacturing your original engine. If your original engine failure was due to anything other than high mileage, you need to find what that cause was and correct it.
A few examples would be:
  • Overheating due to a incorrectly functioning cooling system (#1 cause).
  • Pre-ignition due to a incorrectly functioning computer or sensors.
  • Not changing the oil at correct intervals (every 3mos. or 3,000 miles).
  • Not changing anti freeze at correct intervals (every 2 years or 24k miles).

Owner Obligations

It is the obligation of the owner to properly change and maintain engine oil and coolant. Warranty does not cover damage as a result of engine overheating or lack of lubrication. These critical engine functions can be properly monitored by gauges or lights, and should never result in engine damage.  Do not put problems off. Driving the vehicle with obvious problems may void your warranty.